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Other tech companies tell you how they work and how you'll have to change. 

Medial Axis Finds the Why Not and molds technology to work like you do, only better.


Technology empowering human work

Technology that enhances human efficiency

instead of sacrificing efficiency in order to conform to technology

We noticed how people really work then we crafted technology to be an efficient tool for them.

TThe advancement in elecommunication technology has been wondrous.  Today, things we once dreamed as futuristic have became routine.  

One problem - in this technological revolution, small and medium-sized businesses got a little left behind.  There were advances in personal communication to be sure and enterprise telecom became the focus of many technological achievements.  But no one bothered to notice how SMBs worked.  Tech companies just followed a "one-size-fits-all" strategy - what was good for enterprise was good for SMB.

Medial Axis focused on the SMB market to developed products with technology that actually helps people do their work.  Traditional but modern methodologies.  With Medial Axis clients, "we always do it this way" becomes "we always do it this way, but now we can do it better."

Image by Hannah Busing


Technology for the Way People Work

Here's something we noticed and it makes a big difference:


Enterprise employees work on "islands" which we refer to as HR, Sales, Service, Billing, Administration, et al.  The workers on these in these departments may work hard, but they rarely leave their islands.  (For example, you won't see the accounting department figuring our where a lost shipment is for a customer). 

But we realized that SMBs don't work that way.  In these businesses, the sales rep might answer a service call, the doctor looks over the bookkeeper's shoulder, and the hotel manager delivers fresh towels.  All of these people wear many hats and work as a "community" in order to get the work done.  In order for the business to survive and thrive, everyone must pull together.


For SMBs's to really work well, there must be community. To facilitate how SMB employees really work, we invented Multi-Mobile technology.  It helps the community go and grow.

Multi-Mobile turns a mobile device into a fully-functional key telephone system.

Multi-Mobile technology equips a mobile device with as many telephone lines as you want.  And the number of devices that share these lines is unlimited - as many as you need for as many people you have.  Multi-Mobile technology is baked into our AirePocket service and it becomes your telephone system - except no equipment in the closet to pay for (and maintain) and no phones on the desk (but we do have those too).  

When the phone rings, anyone can answer it.  They can put it on hold and tell another worker "Hey Lisa, can you pick up Line 1?"  And Lisa can, using her mobile device and pressing the line on hold.  She's connected.

"Wait a second," you exclaim.  "A mobile phone can only do two calls at a time - the one I'm talking with and one that's ringing in.  And those lines are mine, they aren't shared with anyone else.  Right!?"

That's right EXCEPT for anyone using Multi-Mobile technology.  Multi-Mobile does it differently - multiple telephone lines, multiple devices.  One community.


free-image-resizer-cropper 2.png

This is what you see on your cell phone screen.  The product Airepocket is running Medial Axis Multi-Mobile technology.

Every employee can have the same multiple lines on their mobile device (cell phone or tablet).  Lines are shared AND common. 

I can answer your call, put it on hold, and then have you pick it up by pushing the held call button.

What makes Multi-Mobile different from any other mobile application
and what makes it "purpose-built" for SMB?

Anyone can answer any incoming call or pickup any held call from anywhere.

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