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Wooden Stairs

We invented something, that without any moving parts, moves people from one floor to another. We call this invention. . . 

The question is "Why?"

Why did we invent Multi-Mobile Technology

It started nearly 40 years ago.

We sold telephone systems to small and medium sized businesses (known as SMBs).  Our modern equipment replaced what we though was obsolete devices.  But a funny thing happened on the way to the future - we noticed that our customers used the new equipment just like they did the old equipment.  In other words, they did not adapt to the new fangled tech, instead they tried to make the new tech adapt to how they worked.  And there was a reason they did things the way that they did - because it was effective.

So we asked "Why not incorporate modern technology into how people actually worked?"  We don't change a how a business operates, instead we enhance it.

SMBs employees work as a village, everyone doing what needs to get done for the business to go.  We developed the Theory of Business Operations as a Community (BOAC) to explain this.  Then we started building technology to make the theory come to life.

We invented Multi-Mobile technology.

The concept is both simple and complex.  Yet it answers the question "Why?" with an emphatic "Why not?"

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