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Competitive Comparison

Everyone knows a phone company - one that sell equipment and telephone lines.  Most people are also familiar with cloud telephone providers.  But because we say that AirePocket is "different," you might be wondering - "what is the cost of AirePocket as compared to a small business telephone service or a popular cloud telephone service?"

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Telecom charge by the line.  The average cost is $50 per line per month.  Plus a whole bunch of fees and taxes.  And you have to buy equipment and maybe maintenance on that.  And oh, yeah, you have to have the right cabling (forgot to add that).  If you add more people - more phones and more cabling and maybe more lines.  And then you outgrow that equipment and have to start all over again.

4 lines x 10 phones = $200/mo (at least)

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Cloud telephony company's charge by the user (also known as the extension).  We looked for you - one of the most well-known is $20/user/mo (with a discount for paying in advance AND you have to buy equipment).  Plus fees and taxes.

At least you don't have to worry about outgrowing your equipment because it's in the cloud.  The issue is every time you add someone (or another extension), the provider's cash register rings.  Even if that phone doesn't get much use.

4 lines x 10 phones = $200/mo (at least)

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An investment in AirePocket is calculated by "lines" at $5 each/mo (remember you share these) and "devices" (phone or tablet that you already own) at $15 each/mo.


4 lines = $20/mo

10 devices = $150/mo

Total:  $170/mo.

And no equipment to buy - you already own it.  No extra hidden charges.  Okay, there is tax but we agree - we hate it too. No maintenance charges and if you drop your phone, go get a new one, download the app and you are ready to go.  And you can't outgrow us (but we do suggest that AirePocket is really for SMBs).

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